Clinical Trial Participants are Changing Lives

Study Volunteers in clinical trials are essential to advances in medicine yet their own medical condition may not benefit by their participation.

Every year, millions of people take part in clinical trials and become partners in the process of developing new medical treatments. We call these individuals medical heroes.

Participation in a clinical trial is a brave and selfless act because it always carries some risk. The trial may bring some hope for a treatment or even a cure; but it is unlikely to personally benefit a participant. Through their participation, medical heroes contribute valuable knowledge about the nature of a disease, its progression, and how and how not to treat it. Ultimately, future generations benefit from medical advances gained through clinical trials.

Today, nearly 4,000 experimental drugs and therapies are in active clinical trials and that number continues to grow as improvements are made in detecting disease, in discovering new medical innovations, and in understanding and addressing the root cause of acute and chronic illnesses. At the very heart of all of this promising, life-saving and life-altering activity are medical heroes to whom we owe our deepest appreciation for their profound gift of participation.

Learn more about clinical research and how the process works by registering for the AWARE for All free Webinar event  ( produced by the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP).

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