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image002Sick of hearing about the lack of jobs? We are too. That’s why we are doing something about it. Our company can fill a minimum of 100 jobs with every new installation in any city. One of the great things about this is that these are sustainable, full time, real American jobs that cannot be exported or outsourced.

City Gardens Restaurants & Growers, Inc. is a newly formed nonprofit with an exciting business model that creates non-exportable jobs and helps our veterans and local families. We will use Green Energy technologies to lower the cost of organic produce 30 to 50 % below current market pricing and help save our environment! A truly innovative company dedicated to revitalizing America from the inside out, City Gardens USA stands ready to serve. But they need your help to secure the grants necessary to open up this promising emerging industry and bring these good things to mainstream life!

Please visit or to Like, Share, and generously Donate! With your help and tax deductible donation, we can revitalize American jobs, American Pride, American infrastructure, and American Business for generations to come!

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