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By Denise Rubin….
How to fix up your house to get a payday when you sell. When upgrades are worth it and when they are a waste of money. Where to fix up? Put money to spruce up?! You ask yourself where to put your money. If you spend 5% you get up to 10% back. Here are the three beast and worst ways to spend your money. The number one best investment is a new front door. It only costs $1100 to $1200 and you get so much more back. It’s cheap and people immediately decide if the house is worth it or not by their first impression! Number 2 is a new garage door. You get 87% back if you spend $1290 you will get $1083 back. Especially if it is 50% of the front façade. Number three is to add a deck. Without one there is something missing. It is a visual extension of the inside space. People day dream about enjoying themselves and how they would love using it. A 10×30 deck will cost $10,000 and you get 75% back.

The worst ideas and poor choices to spend money that bring no bang for your buck. Number one is a home office remodel. It is expensive and often the idea is from the man of the house. It is very costly to build out and the equipment is also. The average home office will cost $28,000 and you get only $13,000. Worst of all, you lose a bedroom. Buyers shop by bedrooms. The second bad idea is a sunroom. It costs $75,000 to build and cool and you never use it. The third worst idea is a bathroom. It’s not worth it. It will cost $40,000, but if you just nip and tuck you can make it look good enough.

So remember, first impressions are so very important. It’s like starting your day off right or wrong. I choose to workout at Equinox where I train with James and it jump starts my day with a good breakfast and a good frame of mind. The clothes you pick will send the right or wrong impression. Just like the way you feel when you approach what may possibly be your new home, your mind may be made up before you even step inside.

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