Did you call for a Vet?

Did you call for a Vet?

Did you call for a Vet?Veterinary house calls are a personal and convenient experience that pet parents all across South Florida are excited about! FetchMyVet is the quality, in-home veterinary service for any pet parent who wants to avoid the stress associated with traditional vet visits.

Started in 2016 by a group of pet-loving healthcare professionals, FetchMyVet is the number one choice for pet parents living throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

FetchMyVet offers an array of pet care services including comprehensive exams, vaccinations, dental care, euthanasia, and more all from the comfort of your home! Booking an appointment with FetchMyVet is simple and easy, visit FetchMyVet.com, choose a veterinarian, tell us about your pet, choose a time that suits your schedule, and sit back and relax while your pet receives the care they deserve. An expert veterinarian and technician comes to your home to ensure your pet receives the best possible healthcare all within the stress-free environment you and your pet feel most comfortable in.

“With our 45-minute appointments, our clients spend quality, one-on-one time with our veterinarians as they perform better, more thorough exams,” says Dr. Yolanda Ochoa, FetchMyVet’s Managing Veterinarian.

Not only does FetchMyVet deliver quality, but their fetchClub also offers pet parents a selection of affordable monthly subscription plans to ensure every pet gets the care they need.

If you’d like to learn more, visit FetchMyVet.com or call 833-338-2469

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