Discover Miami’s Culinary Delights with @AlwaysHungryMel

If you’re a foodie residing in Aventura, there’s one Instagram account you should definitely follow: @AlwaysHungryMel. The account is run by Melissa Marerro, whom you may remember from her Foodie Fix segment on the popular show Inside South Florida, where she unearthed new restaurants and hidden gems in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. She explores South Florida restaurants, one bite at a time, and documents her journey with mouthwatering photography that will make your stomach growl.

When she’s not busy exploring Miami’s culinary landscape, Melissa does her grocery shopping at the newly-opened Plum Market Aventura and raves about the recipes in their Kitchen department. “The store is spotless and the employees are extremely friendly and helpful. The Plum Market Kitchen always stands out because everything looks so fresh. Last night the brisket stole the show – it was so good! I’m a huge fan of Plum Market because of their chef-crafted recipes and their amazing partnerships with local bakers and artisans,” she remarked about her most recent trip.

Known for its commitment to all natural, organic, and locally-sourced foods, Plum Market is a haven for those seeking healthy and flavorful meals and items crafted by local artisan brands. In fact, Plum Market has captured the taste buds of many residents, and was just named Best Grocery Store in the prestigious Miami New Times’ Best of Miami® 2023 awards. If you’re a Plum Market enthusiast, or looking to try for the first time, their app is full of store discounts and offers and currently has an especially tasty coupon for 25% off the Plum Market Kitchen department through July 24th, giving you even more reason to sample their delectable offerings.

Melissa continues to be a strong advocate for local businesses. Whether it’s a trendy cafe, a family-owned restaurant, or a hidden gem tucked away in Miami’s vibrant neighborhoods, Mel shines a spotlight on the city’s culinary treasures like Plum Market. With Mel as your guide, you’ll embark on a mouthwatering journey through the diverse flavors and gastronomic delights that make the Miami area a true culinary destination.




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