Don’t be a ‘Doubting Thomas’

By Patricia Frank….
Doubt is an uncertain, undecided state of mind. It is the inclination to disbelieve or trust. Just about everyone has heard the term “A doubting Thomas” which refers to a person who is skeptical and cynical. To be happy and successful don’t be a cynic. A cynic is a person with little faith in human nature and little faith in Divine Nature.

If you are doubtful about the outcome of a situation you may be dubious about getting it. If you are doubtful about something the implication is that you are fairly certain that it will not turn out well. If you doubt that you will get well or find love or financial security then those doubts will become your reality. This thought process and attitude will doom you and it, before you even begin. Doubt causes hesitation and stirs up misgivings. It makes everything more difficult and ultimately unattainable. It makes you unsure of yourself. It prevents you from achieving your goals in life.

To reach your full potential and to be all that you can be, don’t doubt yourself or God or anyone or anything else. “Doubt leads to worry and worry leads to fear and fear leads to failure.”

Doubt destroys peace of mind and joy. Remember that the birdies sing even when the sun does not shine. You can still allow yourself to feel joy even if you have clouds in your life, even if the sun is not shining. Don’t focus on the clouds. Know that the sun is still there. Listen for the birds. Allow yourself to enjoy their song. Force yourself to believe and to trust. Act without any doubts in your mind or your heart. Act with certainty and without any mistrust. Eliminate even the shadow of a doubt. Believe in yourself. Believe in life and believe in goodness. Trust yourself and trust the Universe. Have faith. This will banish all worry and fear and failure.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, 212-308-0309.

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