Drama Queens and Kings

Drama queens and kings are individuals who dramatize everything that happens to them in a bid for your attention. They blow things out of proportion. Their dramas are a way to force you to focus on them and become involved in their personal melodramas.

They crave attention and go after it like a heat-seeking missile and when they find their target they blow it up and savor the explosion.

Their complaints are incessant. They frequently stir things up and create conflicts and want to get a rise out if you. They may attack you or others and force you to defend yourself and others. They do not respect your boundaries and manipulate you so that it is difficult for you to maintain and enforce your boundaries.

They feel invisible and unimportant. They are trying to convince themselves that they matter by seeking your involvement in their life. They generally need you to solve some urgent problem that only you can handle, they maintain, and they use this flattery as a means to control you. They imply that only you can save the situation. They are charismatic and compelling and they are master manipulators. They appeal to your kind heart, and ego. They want you to rescue them.

They are always in turmoil and they are addicted to the attention and adrenaline which makes them feel alive. Their life is an endless soap opera. Their inappropriate, irritating behavior is a bid for your attention and makes it difficult for you not to be angry with them or resent them. Their dramatic, exaggerated style prevents you from having any sympathy for them.

They consume you and your energy with their demands. They hijack your emotions and they rob you of your energy, peace and joy. You are being used and abused, but you do not have to be their victim. You do have a choice. Simply, do not participate in their drama. Deprive them of access to you and your emotions.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, Psychotherapy.a2z@gmail.com

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