Fly Fishing Monster Peacock Bass with “The Bonefish Whisperer”

Mike with beautiful male peacock bass...May and June are prime time slots for such catches..all you need is a ANVIL and yours truly

As soon as my fly hit the water a big Peacock Bass slammed it like a freight train. The fish dove deep into the dark canal, doubling over my Sage 7wt rod like a cat tail.  We figured the big Peacock for six to seven pounds, every ounce a fierce fighting game fish.

“When you see the Peacock, put the ANVIL in his face and jig upwards hard.” Explains fishing guide Cordell Baum, Jr.

I brought the big male Peacock Bass to hand and released him. Then I lobbed the chartreuse ANVIL(fly) back out into the canal where the angry female mate waited. I jigged the ANVIL in the fish’s face.  She made a couple of fast “drive by” passes before she finally committed and inhaled the ANVIL in one big violent strike.

Ten minutes into fishing and I landed two big Peacock Bass; it was game on – Yee ha!

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission introduced Peacock Bass into South Florida lakes and canals in the 1980s. Peacocks originated in South America.

“Look for Peacock Bass in bright sun light. They often hold over white coral ledges and shelves or in the darker deeper water just off the ledges.”  Explained guide, Cordell Baum, Jr.

The Butterfly Peacock is the smaller, more colorful cousin of the Speckled Peacock Bass of the Amazon. The recent record for the Amazon Speckled Peacock stands at 28 lbs. While the record for Florida Peacock Bass is 12 lbs.

I have caught Peacock Bass on Clousers, Gurglers and even the infamous “Buddy Lee”(Worlds Toughest Canal Fly) – but if you want to catch Peacock Bass in Miami, then the “ANVIL” has got to be your first fly of choice – Period.

The “ANVIL” is a bucktail fly with lead dumbbells for eyes similar to the Clouser but much heavier and the eyes are pushed forward to the extreme for head first diving and direct access to deeper water immediately…the speed of the ANVIL is the success…nothing is more brutal to a peacock than a dead fall ANVIL among them!

Where to Get the ANVIL
You can find the ANVIL and many more cutting edge flies at and you can purchase the ANVIL from the inventor, or  book a guided trip unlike any other you have experienced with Cordell Baum Jr – The Bonefish Whisperer – World Class Fly Fishing on the same site.

Cordell Baum Jr. started out guiding trout and steelhead fishing in Alaska, then he moved to Miami in 2004 and fishes under the name Bonefish Whisperer. He is the urban commando of fly fishing from canoes, kayaks and walking. Cordell catches trophy fish in both fresh and salt water.

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  1. You didnt say but if the male and female are on a nest it is recommended that you just catch one so the other can continue to guard the eggs. Catching both often causes them to leave the nest and then the bluegill, talapia, etc can swoop in and eat the eggs.


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