Foodie Thoughts!

So you think that setting up a foodie club is easy? Let’s face it walking in to restaurant after restaurant, eating out every night, socializing with Miami’s finest, doesn’t sound like a bad job and in many respects I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Nonetheless we discovered many challenges and distractions before it becomes the huge foodie club that we are aiming for. For instance we found out that the club has to have a personality. It has to express feelings of what we want it to be. We have tried to work with many different people, consultants, writers and we found that whilst everyone brings their own particular flair no one brings out the personality of the club more than us. As mentioned previously we are English and being English we bring our own taste of Englishness to America. Do we try and Americanize the club so that the foodies out there can relate to it or do we keep to our particular brand of Englishness. Our social media team said if it was a person who would it be? Well of course this person would love food! Carolyne the other half of loveFood says ‘They would be popular, always out, socializing with friends, partners and family. Your smart, in the know, happy and love to lead live to the full’ of course she gets her say in everything! I personally think that LoveFood crosses, age and gender and can be all things to all people. The reality is who doesn’t want to save money when they go out to great restaurants around South Florida. The idea is to eat more of what you love. The club can become your club and it doesn’t necessarily involve English people wearing bowler hats in 80 degree heat!

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