Genuine Pizza is fabulous—ask the ‘blindfolded’ guests

Genuine Pizza is fabulous—ask the ‘blindfolded’ guests

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Five members of the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce (AMC) were invited to a very small luncheon at Genuine Pizza at the Aventura Mall. But this was not your typical luncheon! Oh yes…there was the wonderful networking amongst the members who all had something in common, and the delicious food at Genuine Pizza, but there was a fun agenda to this one. Genuine Pizza, owned and operated by the legendary Michael Schwartz, creates a new specialty item each month, and during February, it was their Cubano Pizza. AMC members including Alina Sanchez, Amerant Bank (formerly Mercantil Bank); Cesar Arguelles, Vi at Aventura; Jennifer Perez, AC Hotel and Aloft Hotel; Carlos Torres, ADP and Eduardo Ruiz, Dr. Z Smiles, arrived looking forward to meeting new friends at this luncheon, but Genuine Pizza and the AMC had a little more than just eating and networking in mind.

Once everyone was seated, they were told that they would be tasting a slice of that month’s specialty pizza and had to list at least four of the unusual toppings to win a $25 gift certificate to Genuine Pizza. And then came the fun part—they were not going to be able to see what they were eating as they were handed a very special pair of sunglasses from which the lens was completely covered up. How do you eat a slice of pizza with melted cheese loaded with toppings on it while not dropping in on your lap?

“Very carefully” is the answer.

After finishing their delicious slice of pizza, the sunglasses came off and they filled out the answer sheet, listing the unusual toppings they thought were on the pizza. In between loads of laughter and enjoying a full luncheon, the AMC members said that “this was the best way to network!”. Go figure……………

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