Help Keep Trees Away from Power Lines


All of us share the responsibility of properly maintaining trees and other vegetation and keeping them away from power lines. While FPL continually trims trees near power lines located in the public right of way or easement, customers play an important role in keeping trees away from power lines. Please follow these helpful tips for safe tree and vegetation trimming:

Only hire qualified professionals to trim trees and other vegetation near power lines. Customers should always keep themselves and the end of any object they are holding at least 10 feet from neighborhood power lines and 30 feet from higher voltage transmission lines. Never attempt to trim trees and vegetation or pick fruit near power lines. Follow FPL’s Right Tree/Right Place guidelines to prevent trees and vegetation from interfering with power lines. Please plant only small trees and shrubs in areas adjacent to power lines (less than 14 feet tall when mature). Keep medium and large trees, including palms, at a safe distance from power lines. Maintain a “clear zone” of at least 8 feet in front and 3 feet around transformers (the large green boxes near your home) if vegetation is planted nearby, call 811 before you dig, it’s the law.

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