High School Students’ Organization Hosts Football Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness

L to R: Joshua Rub and Dylan Hopen
snf football

With many diseases plaguing our nation, two students from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School are revolutionizing the way we approach health issues. Dylan Hopen and Joshua Rub cofounded Sports Nation Foundation to pioneer the movement of promoting health in a fun and engaging way.

“The key is to promote health by means and by end. Our goal is to encourage kids to immerse themselves in physical activities while raising money for a diverse spectrum of health issues on a monthly basis,” Dylan said. With their first fundraising event on October 29th, their main goal was to foster breast cancer awareness among the local community of North Miami Beach.

As a partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the two students managed to raise over $300 by hosting a flag football tournament, with over 50 people involved. All of the money has been donated to NBCF to be contributed to breast cancer research and awareness.

L to R: Joshua Rub and Dylan Hopen
L to R: Joshua Rub and Dylan Hopen

In between each game, the participants gathered around to discuss the importance of proliferating awareness for breast cancer and explore the implications that revolve around it. Dylan and Joshua have always found it crucial to give back to their communities, realizing the need to expand their resources and develop a system for charitable donations.

“Growing up, I always viewed flag football as a paramount piece of my life. Being able to combine my love on the field for a good cause off the field, shaped me into the person I am today,” explained Joshua. Their efforts have been widely recognized by their peers, “Dylan and Josh have been successfully balancing their rigorous course load while putting a heavy emphasis on dedicating their weekends to hosting events, which is pretty impressive, you can really tell they’re passionate about what they’re doing”, says classmate Ethan Curtis.

Going forward, they hope to advance and enrich their foundation by reaching out into neighboring communities. In doing so, they hope to unite the entire area through one main goal, spreading awareness in a fun way, as they gain the resources and tools needed to expand their goal of involving the community on issues some people are unaware of. The students hope to carry Sports Nation Foundation past high school, saying time always needs to be devoted towards those who need it.

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