¡Hola! Spanish learning building ‘rápido success’

¡Hola! Spanish learning building 'rápido success'

¡Hola! Spanish learning building 'rápido success'

“¿Hablas Español?” Recognizing Spanish is now the second most spoken language in the world, certified educator Judy Chmiel founded ¡Hola! Spanish Learning to help business professionals speak the language of international success. Many individuals, groups of colleagues, families and friends are also learning how easy and fast it can be to learn Spanish thanks to the interactive “communicational” approach and customized programs developed by Chmiel for ¡Hola! Spanish Learning students of all ages including young children, teens and senior citizens.

“Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, currently spoken by 420 million people – expected to rise to 538 million by 2050,” Chmiel explains. “Learning to speak Spanish as a second language can help open many doors for business and community leaders aspiring to broaden their reach to booming Latin markets. It can also be an invaluable asset in terms of developing business, personal and social relationships.”

¡Hola! Spanish Learning students can quickly excel thanks to interactive audio and visual teaching tools including videos, music, news articles and opportunities to practice real-life situation dialogues in a variety of dialects. Focused on providing highly personalized attention, Chmiel also specializes in designing programs coinciding with specific individual abilities and interests such as Spanish for business, social Spanish and Spanish for traveling purposes.

“It’s never too early or too late to learn a second language,” Chmiel emphasizes. “Especially at an older age, research shows it can actually help slow brain decline, improve function, prevent or delay the onset of dementia, plus refresh and invigorate social and cognitive skills.

“We’re currently welcoming many new students who are organizing their own group learning classes with people they work or socialize with. ¡Hola! is also one of the first to offer the family class format, created to give parents, their children and other relatives the ability to enjoy the experience of learning Spanish together.”

Judy Chmiel is originally from Argentina, where she taught at prestigious institutions for over 16 years. After settling in the Miami area in 2002, she established a successful new career teaching Spanish as a second language to adults and children. For more information about ¡Hola! Spanish Learning, phone: 305-653-0511, visit hola-spanishlearning.com or email: info@holaspanishlearning.com.

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