How to Plan for Effective Community Communication

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In last month’s issue, we discussed that clear, effective communication from the board makes a difference in the overall well-being of any community and provided tips for improvement.

The most important reason to make sure that your board is communicating effectively is trust. When there is a lack of communication you get a ‘silent spiral,’ which will fill with misinformation that spreads faster and further than people realize.

To create a good communication plan, identify the primary focus of your communication. Break down objectives and outline steps within the SMART format (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timeframe). Communicate earlier rather than later to allow time for digestion of material.

Choose more than one method of communication, like: e-blast, newsletters, billing statements, meeting announcements, reminders, social media and Resident Alert.

Think of your audience and simplify large concepts. Because residents haven’t been dealing with daily issues like the board has, they need background information.

If you feel something is controversial, address it head-on. Hold meetings to address concerns and invite vendors and local officials so homeowners can ask questions of the experts.

Every area of your community is impacted by communication. Rules and regulations need to be reiterated regularly so that residents are aware of them. Residents should be aware of the process and policies to get an architectural modification approved, including any limitations or restrictions. Boards should communicate regularly about financial matters, like how much they owe and when payments are due. Finance communications could be eased with a platform that allows residents to check balances and make payments at any time.

Creating a good communication plan using the guidelines above will help keep your community on track.

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