Just give it away!

Adrienne Barker

In order to stick in the mind of potential customers, give them something that they will use on a regular basis. Whether the item is small or large, the more they use it or see it; the more a particular company will come to mind.

How many times has a company used a pen with information on it? If it writes well, it could very well be someone’s favorite pen. Just think, every time someone uses this pen, family, friends and clients notice not only how it writes, but whose name is on the side.

Adrienne Barker, Corporate VP at Barker Specialty Orlando says “It’s called the Power of Promotional Products! It doesn’t matter what it is – it matters if they will use it.” Barker helps customer design a variety of products from pens to duffle bags. Her clients are always looking for the item that will not only showcase who they are, but will also be used by their potential customer.

Debbi Oestreich

At Barker Orlando’s Celebration office, clients can visit and see over 800,000 promotional product items in the 6,000 square feet of space first hand. This showroom allows them to not only see the products, but they actually get to touch, taste, smell or hear the item they are interested in purchasing.

Barker Specialty Company has been in business for more than 55 years and their slogan “We originate – others imitate” still holds true today. At Barker Specialty, if you can think of an idea or item, they can either find it or find someone to make it.

For more information about Barker Specialty, call 888.227.5372 or visit their website at barkerorlando.com. Debbi Oestreich, Manager, Marketing & Events at Barker Specialty Orlando can be reached at 407.566.4000 or doestreich@barkerorlando.com

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