Larry Blustein deserves our admiration for all he’s done

Larry Blustein
Larry Blustein
Larry Blustein

Larry Blustein has made quite an impact on the South Florida community. He’s received awards and recognition for a career spanning more than 40 years, and he deserves even more. Blustein has covered and promoted high school football players in South Florida as a prep football columnist for The Miami Herald and a talk show host on WQAM 560’s High School Gridiron Report. He has covered wrestling and other high school sports, and his skill as a talent evaluator over the years has helped literally thousands of young athletes get into college, often with scholarships, by bringing them to the attention of recruiters. He has also served as the official announcer for the FHSAA state wrestling finals and editor for the South Florida Sun Times, always keeping busy and never slowing down, until recently.

Although he didn’t reveal it publicly until last year, Blustein was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney condition in 2004. Since then he has been undergoing treatments and making adjustments to his diet to try to keep his one good kidney functioning as long as possible. Knowing first hand the physical and emotional challenges of the illness, he established the Our Boy Blu Foundation, an organization that collects money for research on kidney disease so that others can be helped.

Now 58, Blustein had a kidney transplant a few weeks ago, made possible when a longtime friend donated one. Five days later he suffered a heart attack, requiring quadruple bypass surgery which is scheduled for September after he’s had time to recover from the transplant surgery. Meanwhile, he’s back at work, and that’s good news.

Larry Blustein has made a difference by helping popularize high school sports and assisting so many talented youngsters, to give them a chance to get ahead and realize their dreams. He has worked more hours per week than most of us do and says that he doesn’t need accolades, he just wants to keep doing what he loves doing and what he does best — covering high school sports, making a difference and being there for everyone.

He may not want accolades, but he is sure getting them. I can’t think of many men more deserving of awards and recognition for what he has accomplished for others, and for his courage.

That’s why I’m adding my voice and praise to the growing list of acknowledgements and “thank yous” for Larry Blustein. Thank you, Larry!

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