Lower your operating costs with energy efficiency help from FPL

With many industries nationwide still reeling from the economic recession, local businesses should examine all ways to reduce overhead without sacrificing from core business operations. Energy costs can be a significant portion of a business’ operating costs, yet many companies mistakenly treat it as a fixed expense. You do have some control over your energy use and can take some simple steps to create a positive impact on your bottom line.

FPL offers a quick, easy and no cost way to reduce energy bills through the Business Energy Evaluation, a program that helps business customers better understand their electricity usage and identify potential ways to save through energy efficiency.

Through FPL’s in-person evaluation, an FPL Energy Expert will thoroughly examine your facility’s energy consumption and provide you with a personalized energy-efficiency analysis to help you understand where your energy dollars go and how your energy usage compares to similar businesses.

The FPL Energy Expert will also provide energyefficiency solutions – some that may be implemented immediately and others that may require some longerterm planning.

You’ll get a list of low-cost measures that will help you save energy and money. These may include installing a programmable thermostat that automates temperature settings to maximize efficiency according to your hours of operation or occupancy sensors that automatically turn off lighting in areas with transient use.

If equipment upgrades are recommended, you’ll also get information about potential FPL rebates to help offset the cost of these investments. FPL’s energy- efficiency incentives can often be the deciding factor when determining if new equipment is the right decision for a business.

Some small businesses opt to take the Business Energy Evaluation online instead. Available 24/7 at FPL.com, the OBEE is ideal for busy business owners who’d rather do the assessment at their own convenience, day or night.

The best part is – there is absolutely no cost for either of these services.

Using less energy lowers carbon emissions and helps the planet. “Green” companies also have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace because being environmentally friendly improves your company’s image and opens the door to new business and promotional opportunities.

A good energy plan is good business, whether your company is large or small.

To register for a Business Energy Evaluation or for additional information about FPL tips, programs and incentives to help your business save money, visit FPL.com/BEE or call 877-748-4BEE.

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