New Comcast Business Service Helps Remote Workers Stay Connected and Protected


As South Florida businesses continue to manage daily operations amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have told employees to keep working from home. A new service from Comcast Business can help South Florida businesses and their remote workers stay connected, productive and safe from cybersecurity threats.

Comcast Business At Home provides connectivity solutions for businesses at a primary physical location as well as a remote workforce. It allows businesses of all sizes to provide their employees working from home with a dedicated, independent Internet connection paid for by the business, plus additional tools for mobility, cyber security and more. At the same time, a remote employee’s home Internet connection remains separate and available for personal use.

Businesses are seeing a variety of benefits to this approach during this challenging time, including:

  • Reliability – Comcast Business At Home provides a professionally installed, dedicated, fast and reliable Internet connection with no data usage threshold and a separate WiFi network
  • Flexibility – With no minimum or maximum number of users, businesses can add as many employees as needed, across multiple locations
  • Convenience – Each employee’s service is billed to the company’s Comcast Business account
  • Mobility – Available on-the-go voice solutions that allow employees to route calls from their business number to any device
  • Security – Available cybersecurity solution to help protect devices connected to the network from malicious threats.

Comcast Business also recommends South Florida business owners keep these cybersecurity best practices in mind to keep sensitive information secure and avoid disruptions to their operations from cyberattacks:

  • Use a firewall – A firewall is a company’s first line of defense against cyber criminals.
  • Install anti-malware software – To streamline the process, set the software to update automatically. This list of expert-recommended software offers both free and paid options.
  • Update operating systems – This process can also be streamlined by setting software to update automatically.
  • Back up data regularly – Company data, excluding any passwords or sensitive financial information, can be backed up to the cloud. However, it is also a good idea to secure a company’s most important data on an external hard drive that is not connected to the network.
  • Create a cybersecurity plan – Put the company’s cybersecurity policies in writing, share them with employees and revisit the plan regularly as circumstances change.

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