Parallels in Golf and Life

Every sport has different benefits and different life lessons to learn and incorporate into your life. Every sport has different mantras. A mantra is a catchword or phrase. It becomes a motto or rule of behavior for that particular sport. It is sort of a slogan, a short, catchy, concise phrase that is repeated to aid in concentration.

A mantra in golf is “Keep your eye on the ball and follow through.” You could adopt this mantra in your life as well. This caveat may seem over simplified and obvious but its importance cannot be overstressed.

In order to succeed and reach your goal you must have a sharp, well-defined focal point. You must be able to focus and stay focused. You must not allow yourself to be distracted by the cheers or jeers of the crowd. Do not let your attention wander Keep your eye on the ball. Keep your attention on your activities and on your ultimate goal.

Following through can make a great deal of difference in life in general and your life in particular. It is vital to follow through. When you follow through in golf you continue the movement of a stroke after the ball has been hit. In life, you have to execute then carry out, complete and finish what you started. You have to continue your action to its conclusion. You must persist and persevere to fulfill and achieve your goal.

There is another important lesson from golf that can be applied to your life. The knowledge that things can succeed even if they are not logical is encouraging. For instance, it would seem that a perfectly smooth, round ball would go further than a ball with dimples or imperfections. These seeming imperfections in the golf ball are actually enhancements. The dimples in the golf ball actually make it travel farther.

Your seeming imperfections may actually help you go farther too. Your imperfections may turn out to be enhancements. Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305- 788-4864,

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