PuroClean helps prevent health issues caused by water, fire, mold, and COVID-19 in homes and commercial buildings

Ricardo Herdan and David Shiffman

South Florida businesses and families often select PuroClean of Aventura/Davie to address emergency property damage caused by water, fire, mold, and related property damage. And now, PuroClean has developed a reputation for excellence in COVID-19-related cleaning.

PuroClean of Aventura/Davie is led by David Shiffman and Ricardo Herdan, owners of the Aventura and Davie franchises, who have more than 20 combined years of experience in traditional restoration, mitigation, construction and remediation services.

PuroClean uses the highest-grade restoration technologies and processes, including HEPA vacuums and Air Filtration devices, to make sure that all the work their experienced team undertakes meets the highest industry standards for restorative cleaning.

“The reality is that Miami will always have a high humidity environment that may lead to mold, as well as water damage due to flooding, rain and hurricanes, so the bulk of our work is still focused on those categories,” said Shiffman.

“With COVID-19 impacting all types of businesses and homes, demand for related cleaning services is growing quickly,” added Herdan. “Fortunately for us, our efficient and effective leadership has pivoted quickly to respond to demand for sanitization services related to the pandemic.”

Known as the “Paramedics of Property Damage,” PuroClean provides service to South Florida’s three counties. Fully trained, licensed, certified and insured technicians specialize in 24/7 emergency services after floods & hurricanes, water mitigation, fire restoration, mold remediation and biohazard for both residential and commercial properties.  

PuroClean’s philosophy combines a highly disciplined cleanup strategy with a track record of quickly responding to all types of damage and contamination. As a result, the company has earned the trust of South Florida homeowners, commercial and residential property managers and owners, insurance professionals, home service providers and homeowner associations.

Even without hurricanes, there is always plenty of work resulting from broken air conditioners and water heaters, roof leaks, toilet supply lines, and other issues that have traditionally been a source of water damage. Additionally, the reality that the ocean is rising and that in some cases water is coming up through the city sewer system in places like Miami Beach is spurring more calls from the public. Whenever there are heavy rains, the phones light up at PuroClean of Aventura/Davie.

“Floods often result in water damage to homes, which may appear on the surface as a minor loss, but can quickly escalate into needless, extensive damage to both property and health. Timing is critical to reducing further damage,” Shiffman explained. “PuroClean’s technicians work compassionately, professionally and quickly to contain the water damage and get everyone back into the property quickly and safely.”

Herdan says the company uses a proven process that manages dehumidification, temperature and air movement to facilitate effective and efficient drying. Applying science and engineering to these types of issues, PuroClean can save the majority of affected materials including drywall, wood and carpets.

PuroClean’s mold remediation professionals begin by restoring the affected area to normal conditions and then shift their attention to mold odor removal and content cleaning.

With fire damage, PuroClean’s team is trained to clean up and restore property to the best condition possible. The company begins by assessing the damage, and then removing items from the property, keeping and cleaning those that are salvageable. Later PuroClean works to remove soot and pollutants from the air and surfaces using their powerful HEPA vacuums and portable HEPA air filtration devices.

With a certification in Biohazard Cleanups, PuroClean has been providing state-of-the-art cleaning and sanitation services using specialized EPA, registered hospital-grade disinfectants and sophisticated equipment to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in commercial, residential and governmental spaces, Shiffman said.

To better serve the public demand, ProClean has created three tiers of service in relation to its COVID-19 response. Depending on the situational requirement, their cleanup crews are likely to arrive in hazmat suits to protect themselves and their customers, based on CDC and OSHA guidelines.

Tier I – Preventative

The crew:

1) Wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to include respirators, gloves and protective suits.

2) Applies a wet mist to interior areas (up to 8’ high) with EPA-registered disinfectant utilizing the ultra-low volume (ULV) wet fogger & electrostatic sprayers.

3) Lightly wipes down frequently touched surfaces to include doors, handles, pull knobs, phones, switches, faucets, handrails, keyboards and toilet handles.

Tier II – Presumed Confirmed Case of COVID-19

The crew:

1. Wears appropriate PPE to include respirators, gloves, and protective suits as OSHA requires required.

2. Deploys HEPA air filtration devices (AFD) as needed.

3. Applies a wet mist to interior areas with EPA-registered disinfectant utilizing the ULV wet fogger and electrostatic sprayer.

4. Applies medium-wet hand cleaning of built-in structural surfaces such as door jambs, door slabs, cabinets, window jambs, shelving, book shelves, etc. (up to 8’ high), and to hard flooring surfaces using EPA-registered disinfectant.

5. Performs medium-wet hand cleaning of hard surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant of all items listed in Tier 1, plus tables, chairs, sinks, toilets, countertops, appliances, diaper changing stations, small hard surface items, carpets, floor mats, and sealed products.

6. Evaluates any non-hard surface furniture and treats them with EPA-registered disinfectant.

7. Cleans carpets using a pre-treatment and hot water extraction method.

8. Disposes of any contaminated cleaning materials and PPE into bags for removal.


Tier III – Confirmed COVID-19 Case

The crew:

1. Wears appropriate PPE to include full-face respirators, medical grade gloves,

and Level 4 protective suits as OSHA requires.

2. Deploys HEPA air filtration devices (AFD) to achieve 4-6 Air exchanges per hour (AEH).

3. Pre-cleans structural interior surfaces (walls and floors) below 10’ using an EPA registered disinfectant (List N) and applies safe disinfectant for a dwell time of a minimum of 10 minutes via ULV Sprayer & electrostatic sprayer. The carpets will be cleaned using a pretreatment and hot water extraction method.

4. Hand cleans hard surfaces using an EPA-registered disinfectant (List N) of all items.

5. Evaluates non-hard surface materials and treats them with EPA-registered disinfectant.

6. Disposes of any contaminated cleaning materials and PPE into bags for removal.

For COVID-19-related services Shiffman said PuroClean has been working with local banks, assisted living facilities, restaurants, commercial offices, as well as some local police and fire departments.

“Our customers come first, and they trust us because they know that we will do everything in our power to give them peace of mind,” Herdan said. “We understand that our success is directly tied to their satisfaction,” he added. “We will continue to focus on responding to our customer’s needs in the most respectful and efficient way possible. By focusing on this philosophy, we know that together we will have a bright future.”

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