PuroClean COVID-19 Cleanup at a Local Financial Institution


Last Wednesday, PuroClean of Aventura performed emergency coronavirus cleaning at a financial services institution in South East Florida. Unfortunately for them, they recently had a case of COVID-19 on their premises. Still, the business needed to reopen the next day as their services are essential for the local community.

Check out how we managed to clean up the place and allow the business to continue its services.

Providing coronavirus cleaning at the local financial institution

The PuroClean of Aventura fleet arriving at the COVID-19 cleanup job.

As always, safety comes first for our customers and the team. Thus, before we started the coronavirus cleaning job, our crew got together to reinforce the procedures on safety and protocols. We wore Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and informed the customer of what they need to do in advance. That ensures that all parties remain safe during and after the cleaning process. Also, we had a health and safety manager ensure the proper use of PPE of all members of our crew.

It’s worth mentioning that we had a short time to finish cleaning up the 7,000 square feet building: less than four hours! And so, our team of 10 people arrived on site promptly and began cleaning the surfaces and contents.

Our technicians cleaned up the most frequently touched objects and surfaces.

PuroClean’s COVID-19 cleanup process includes cleaning and then an application of an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant. This process helps reduce the further spread of infection. Some EPA-registered products require a certain amount of dwell time and contact time to be effective.

For COVID-19 cleanup services, contact PuroClean of Aventura!

According to the CDC, cleaning frequently touched objects and surfaces is one of several actions recommended to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like the coronavirus.

Yet, be aware that surfaces can be re-contaminated after cleaning, and the coronavirus is also spread person-to-person. Therefore, PuroClean’s services are not guaranteed to prevent the spread of the virus.

But even though cleaning does not kill germs, removing them can lower their numbers and reduce the spread of infection. Our biohazard cleanup services limit the survival of the virus in commercial and residential environments and help prevent its spread.  

We always regret the fact that people contract any kind of virus. However, we stand ready to help homes and businesses return to normal with urgency and compassion. If you require coronavirus cleaning services, look no further than PuroClean of Aventura.

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