Starbucks Aventura ParkSquare hosts Technology Committee

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What a great place for an early morning meeting! The brand-new Starbucks in Aventura’s newest development, Aventura ParkSquare, was the place for the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce’s recent Technology Committee meeting chaired by Steve Goitia, CEO of I.T. Doctors. The topic was “Top Ten Technology Tips” which Goitia reviewed, and then the featured speaker, Karen Dennis, President & Founder of KSD Public and Media Relations, covered the marketing power of a Facebook “Check-In”. “I will never again have to rack my brain to figure out where I went during the course of my day as I will know exactly where I could’ve left my phone. I will never forget the name of the restaurant I loved, the movie I saw or the city I visited,” she said. And then she gave five other reasons you should check-in on Facebook. 1) Chance Meeting: If a friend, business associate or prospective client happens to see your post and comes over to say “hi” because they’re in the vicinity 2) Sharing is Caring: Checking-in is one of the most cost and time- effective ways to share positive experiences 3) Addiction: For those addicted to their phones, Facebook check-in provides an appropriate channel for constant connectivity 4) Showing Off: There are those who use the check-in feature to highlight the moments in their life…give them the benefit of the doubt and let it go! 5) Paying It Forward: As small business owners, we all appreciate small gestures from others. Checking in is a professional way to pay it forward, to provide brand awareness and share a positive professional experience with the hope others may follow. Then Dennis had all guests check-in at Starbucks Aventura ParkSquare…. which brought a big smile and words of appreciation from the meeting host, Silvina Macagno from Starbucks.

Starbucks Aventura ParkSquare is located at 2980 NE 207 St., Aventura 33180

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