Kenneth Fishel, Maria Fishel, Carlos Silva, Bradley Fishel.

Stela’s Café fueled up patrons with great edibles and a rejuvenating high-intensity workout by Barry’s Boot Camp, at the Aventura Corporate Campus, 20803 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura, Florida.

Stela’s, a family owned business, greeted guests at a ribbon cutting that included: Carlos Silva, owner of Stela’s, as well as, Kenneth Fishel, Maria Fishel, and Bradley Fishel, owners of the Aventura Corporate Campus, the three building office park, with over 252,244-square-foot of office space.

The launch of Stela’s Café was the vision of owner Kenneth Fishel to support his entrepreneurial tenants. Fishel, an avid 4:30AM workout enthusiast, was the first to change into gym clothes for the occasion and take on the grueling boot camp work out outside the Café doors.

Fishel knows that being an entrepreneur often means being pushed to physical and mental limits daily. There are long hours; there’s a consistent need to perform at full capacity in presentations and meetings; and there’s the drive to stay sharp.

“When people get busy or stressed, often the first thing sacrificed is healthy eating — and that’s the opposite of what should happen,” said Fishel. “Eating healthy foods is not just necessary for athletes. It can have a powerful, positive impact on your ability to perform at world-class levels on the job.”

A firm believer that certain foods can facilitate concentration, creativity, decrease the risk of cancer, give you energy and more, Fishel searched for the perfect café for the Campus – and Stela’s was born.

The new location will be serving an incredible selection of choices, from salads, to sandwiches, smoothies, poke bowls, coffee, and even ginger shots. The cafe also provides complimentary WIFI, outdoor seating, door-to-door office delivery, and catering for tenants, in support of tenant’s busy schedules.

The family owned business will offer a farm to table inspired menu of healthy gourmet meals. The menu is prepared fresh, in house, for a home style approach, which was the primary requirement of the Campus.

“Stella’s has a deep appreciation for the ingredients that go into their food and for the farmers who grow them,” said Bradley Fishel. “The end result is tenants that are re-energized to take on more challenges successfully throughout the day. When tenants are able to operate at maximum efficiency, they get more done, achieve goals faster and create strong foundations for companies to build on.”

The goal of the Aventura Corporate Campus when launching Stela’s was to foster collaboration and communication between entrepreneurs and business owners, with the end result being a happier, more productive tenant force.

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