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Szerbusz magyarorszagrol!The “Hungarian Connection” is alive and well with the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce (AMC), thanks to Miki Varga, Business Consultant from Hungary and Michael Leitman, Business Consultant from Aventura. Many years ago, Leitman met a young man named Benjamin Kovacs from Hungary who came to the United States to begin a new career, and it wasn’t long before they were working together to have Hungarian companies do business here. Varga networks with a number of different business organizations in Hungary, like BNI and the Premium Social Club, to offer them the opportunity to work with Michael Leitman to help them commercialize their products in the United States. And one of the best business-to-business connections through Leitman has been as members of the AMC. “Hungary has an incredible number of extremely talented scientists, programmers, equipment manufacturers and more who are thrilled to have this new business opportunity,” said Varga.

Leitman added, “We’ve already brought in about a dozen businesses from Hungary to become AMC members, and I am honored to represent them to the many industries here

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