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Patricia J Frank Psy.D. L.M.H.C, F.A.P.A.
Patricia C. Frank
If you find yourself thinking or speaking any of the following phrases, you might want to cut this out and put it in a prominent place. This list will help you translate some of your common expressions into a different language. It will be a new language that you are going to create for yourself. You are going to rethink, rephrase and reframe your thoughts and words. You are going to convert them into expressions that are more positive and helpful.

When you translate your thoughts into your new language, you are adjusting and changing your reality. When you change your reality you are changing the outcome.

This new language will allow you to transform your life. It will increase your opportunities for happiness and success. It will allow you to triumph.

The following expressions and translations are often suggested and quoted frequently but you can create your own phrases as well. Just be sure that they reflect a completely different and positive approach. Perhaps you could make two columns with the headings; Expression Translation, so you can add to it at will.

I’m stressed – I need to reexamine and reduce my commitments. I need a break. I’m exhausted – I have sufficient energy to complete my tasks. I’m nervous – I’m excited. I can’t – I don’t know how. I need to learn how. I’m anxious – I need to stay in the moment. I need to calm myself and redirect my energy. I’m frightened – I need to have more faith. I’m rejected – I’m receiving a different point of view. I’m lonely – I am focusing inward and getting to know myself. I am going to develop new skills and make changes. I need to add others to my life. I’m overwhelmed- I need to rest. I need to refocus. I’m breaking a habit – I’m getting rid of the need for it. I am eliminating the cause. I’m sick – I am healing I am well.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864.

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