Understanding Short-Term Vacation Rentals in Your Neighborhood


Commissioner Sally A. Heyman announces 2020 cycle of Mom and Pop Small Business Grant ProgramIn 2016, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman researched and wrote the “Short Term Residential Rental” Ordinance. The legislation prioritized neighborhood integrity with the new business engagement of Platform Rental Companies and Host Homes operating throughout Miami-Dade County.  For ten months, meetings were ongoing with county attorneys, Platform companies (Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, etc.), Code Enforcement, Hotel Association, County Police and other stake holders. Language was revised to ensure the Ordinance would protect neighborhood values and enjoyment with rules and regulations for Host Houses and Platform companies. Platform companies agreed to a series of restrictions to avoid problems and conditions Host Houses and occupants had to comply with.  Additionally, procedures were put in place for enforcement and non-compliance penalties.

“Creating a co-existing residential environment for neighborhoods with short term rental dwellings is critical and can be achieved by compliance to our County regulations and with the help of the neighborhood residents reporting problems and problem sites,” said Commissioner Heyman.

To better attain the respectful residential enjoyment we are all entitled to, Commissioner Heyman, Miami-Dade Code Enforcement and Police met regarding the need to further educate the public on the Vacation Rental Ordinance guidelines; Do’s and Don’ts and reasonable responsibilities for short term rental properties in the neighborhood.  A better understanding for neighboring properties about the Ordinance restrictions can be found on this link https://www.miamidade.gov/building/standards/residential-short-term-vacation-rentals.asp.   To report concerns, issues and any violation, people can call their local municipal police non-emergency number, Miami-Dade Police Non-Emergency at 305-476-5423 or Miami-Dade 311 to report a “code enforcement issue regarding short term rentals.”

Rental properties have always existed whether it was shared use, time-shares, home swaps, room rentals. These practices have evolved in recent years to Platform companies managing the rentals through social media. “The Ordinance provides a means for property owners to offer vacation rentals (room or entire home) to supplement income,” said Commissioner Heyman.  “But they must comply with our rules to maintain the integrity of the residential neighborhood or face consequences.”

To the Miami-Dade Residents: this is your community. If there is an issue, problem, or concern – report it and help us to resolve it.

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