Wandering & Pondering

Dan Palmer
Dan Palmer

Laura and Tom had so much in common. They were both complainers. Only trouble was that they didn’t know each other. Thus they both lost friends and never could figure out why, after all how much complaining do you get to listen to before just disappearing from the scene?

Finally the best of things occurred. Someone who knew them actually set them up on a blind date. Turned out to be one made from above because, from the minute they met they began complaining to each other. After all they had a life of them to compare.

The troubles began when they decided to get married. This brought them in contact with the families, and that in itself was a cause of complaints by their families, who didn’t like each other and weren’t happy with the choice of their lovely child. The potential newlyweds then decided that they didn’t need all this bickering from these families and decided to slip off and just get married. When they returned and announced their elopement it caused a big brouha between the families; each accusing the other of creating problems because of trying to avoid the expense of a marriage. The families complained bitterly about the other family and each side complained that the others were the cause of all these complaints.

The end result was that Laura and Tom decided to move far away from both families, they also decided that after all these complaints between the families they would be better away from them, and there would be nothing to complain about. Look all the headaches they were now avoiding by putting distance between them and the battling families.

Life could only be nice and pleasant away from all those complainers.

As for the families, now that Laura and Tom are far away, they meet at least twice a month for dinner. They like to compare how nice it is that Laura and Tom are far far away. And they now don’t have to hear complaints… complaints by the happily distanced Laura and Tom.

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