Wandering & Pondering Feeling Well

Jane is a devoted sickey. You name a disease and she has had it or will have it in the near future. She is an 80-year-old, who according to her, has never been healthy in her entire life. She has outlived three husbands and countless lovers but to her there has never been a week that she has been healthy. She lives in a very busy senior community and she participates in all phases of same. However she will tell you every symptom she has complete with the latin names thereof.

She is upset that her daughter, 55, is having a slew of “women’s problems”and her doctor wants her to go through all sorts of tests, which she has never had done to her. Doesn’t understand where her the daughter’s symptoms come from. Maybe the sickly grandmother who died at 98. She feels her daughter imagines her sickness, unlike Jane who is truly sick. She feels the daughter should change doctors till she gets the right one. After all she has constantly done that till she gets one that thinks like her.

As her illnesses have come and gone quickly she still keeps a medical dictionary by her to check the diagnoses.

The other day she was quite insulted. Her latest doctor (just out of Med school) with whom she felt she had a nice relationship sent her a registered letter telling her that he was resigning as her doctor and to kindly find another one who might agree with herself diagnosis. He even had the nerve to suggest a witch doctor out of Puerto Rico that might be on her plane of thought.

This has her very upset. What does a witch doctor from Puerto Rico know that will help her with her many ailments? Aren’t there any in the States that she can contact? This doctor has utterly taken her authority to choose whatever doctor she wants.

Maybe she will sue him.

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