Wandering & Pondering The Professional

Why is it that when we think of a professional we automatically assume that the one we are thinking of is in the medical, accounting or lawyering field?

To me that is a pretty bad mind set. The other night we were eating at a nice restaurant and the waitress served us in a manner that was excellent. We complimented her and she replied, “My family has always been in this business and I”ve learned how to handle my duties professionally.” She was right.

Think about going shopping in any mall and you are dealt with in a pleasant and courtious manner, wouldn’t that mean you were handled by a professional? If your car is repaired, shouldn’t you label the repair-person a professional as against an amateur repairer? What I am getting at is that when we use the professional word it should include all categories that we deal with in our everyday lives.

I’m coming to feel that the professional word is something parents have used to boast about the kids or to maybe set up a possible marriage. The expression that he might nor be so much in the personality or looks, his job intones that he does have some marriage appeal for parents to boast about. It doesn’t take into account all the other aspects of the word but more the possible snob appeal and marriageability. If intoned properly, it doesn’t account with the true professionals that make the living and working so well.

So when you get someone saying another person is a professional, it might be smart to see why I am saying this. Or better still, who is trying to do the matchmaking.

In Fiddler the matchmaker was the big dealer… Is the professional that far behind today?

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