Wandering & Pondering-Unwanted John

When John was five years old his parents divorced. He was so interested in reorganizing her life, that he was shifted to an aunt for awhile then another one for a bit, then his father remarried and he was moved again… Actually he never felt wanted.

Getting married became an occupation for him.

He married #1 until she became pregnant. He left because he felt she would spend more time with the baby than with him.

He married #2 and the same thing happened and he left.

When he got to #3 he was sure she would make him her top recipient of her love. She gave him plenty old love but also included the neighbor down the street, in fact she felt the neighbor was better than he was so she left him for the neighbor.

This surprised him because he was usually the one who left.

He turned to religion and found that Jesus really loved him. But even Jesus wanted more from him than he could give.He found another Jesus who loved him as deeply as she did Jesus.

He was shocked that she became pregnant within six months and he felt he was being straddled once again. However something different happened. He went for a physical and found out he had contacted a strong form of cancer with operations and therapy he might have up to five years to live. John is now quite content with his life. He and his wife console each other about his illness. He feels that his deep religious background is helping him. After all, his illness will progress and all the time will be spent helping him with his cancer. That will make him completely loved for himself. George.

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