Wellness in the Schools Visits Highland Oaks Middle School


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Wellness in the Schools (WITS) is a non-profit organization that began in order to improve the health of children who didn’t know how to eat healthy.

The organization teams up with schools and offers a variety of programs designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle. One of the programs available is called WITS Labs, which is a series of seasonal cooking classes for children taught by a WITS Chef. 

As a student of Highland Oaks Middle, I had the opportunity to spectate one of the labs that was hosted by WITS Chef Leonor Azpurua.        

Chef Azpurua helped the students make a vegetarian chile. One by one, Azpurua inspected and discussed each seasonal ingredient and its health benefits, and taught how to utilize it in the dish. The students were able to chop up the vegetables and place them in the pot. At the end of the lab, each student was able to taste what they had made. Most of the students loved it!

In today’s environment, many students don’t have access or have the desire to eat healthy foods. With the WITS program showcasing the benefits and ease of living a healthy lifestyle, students are able to learn the practicalities of healthy living, even in their own homes. Proving to young people that they can actually enjoy something healthy makes the program such a success. The chefs in the WITS program are educated and trained to help these students eat well. These chefs focus all their time on creating convenient recipes and offering them to students. This was an amazing experience that I’m glad I was able to be apart of.


About the Author
Jade Stein is a 7th grade gifted student that enjoys creative writing, fashion design, and dance. To learn more about Jade, follow her on Instagram @jade.stein

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