By Bari Auerbach….
Aventura’s 16th annual Founders Day celebration was yet another great success – but if you were one of the city’s original “founders,” maybe you would have voted to make the best even better by adding community amenities like these…

Six Flags at Founders Park:
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a giant rollercoaster right in the middle of Founders Park? If ever there was a way to have more fun coasting through life’s “ups and downs” – this would be the most amusing coping mechanism!

Aventura Mall Airport:
The mall is already such a great tourist attraction for the city – just imagine if developers had planned to incorporate an airport too…then, even more international visitors could land in front of Bloomie’s and maybe even trade some of their frequent flyer miles for special savings at all the mall stores!

Organic Market on the Circle:
Everyone exercising around the circle on Country Club Drive is really into fitness – so an organic market would be the perfect addition… While biking, rollerblading, running or pushing baby strollers, you could just reach over and grab your favorite fruits and vegetables compliments of Aventura – the healthy and wealthy city!

 Detailing on Biscayne:
If the city opened car detailing centers all along Biscayne Boulevard – just think how much revenue could be generated! Motorists stuck in traffic could have their cars washed and waxed…and if a train comes, there would even be time to bang out dents and dings too!

 Gym at Government Center: To increase attendance at Aventura City Commission meetings, it would be a great to have a gym inside Commission chambers – so while working out, you could watch the proceedings and maybe even exercise your right to express your opinions. Then again, Aventura Founders helped created such a well-run city, it’s nice not having to even lift a finger to enjoy all the great community amenities that are definitely “Founderskeepers!”

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