‘Gift Giving’

This holiday season, what do you get for “the city that has everything?” If you were going to make a gift list for Aventura, it might feature some very special attributes like these:

*The Gift of Patience – So what if Biscayne Boulevard’s backed up with traffic? If more people had the patience of a saint – like Nick – maybe there wouldn’t be as many horns blaring and road rage tempers flaring. But I bet even the “jolly old soul” wouldn’t be smiling if someone stole the parking spot he’d been patiently waiting for while people loaded packages, strollers and a few pets into a huge SUV that took forever to pull out!

*The Gift of Grace – Can you imagine if the Aventura Police Department declared a “grace period” for giving out tickets so everyone who got pulled over between now and the New Year would be exempt from a citation? That would mean all those people who always speed, run red lights, roll through stop signs and text while eating a burger could continue on their merry way!

*The Gift of Willpower – People will soon be making New Year’s resolutions – many based on the desire to lose weight. Wouldn’t it be great if the gift of willpower was bestowed upon the entire city so at restaurants you’d hear a resounding “NO!” to the question, “Would anyone like some dessert?” But if you’re planning to give the “gift of fitness,” make sure the recipient won’t be offended if you get them a membership to a gym or diet center!

*The Gift of Unity – The old saying “every man for himself” is becoming an antiquated notion as Aventura fosters community unity with sports leagues, Founders Day celebrations and many more family-oriented activities. So since “we’re all in this together,” remember to be extra nice to your neighbors – but if you don’t feel like getting them all holiday presents that’s OK since the greatest gift everyone already shares is an Aventura address!

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