‘Healthy Competition’

For anyone who wants to be in great shape, Aventura is the perfect place to find a wide variety of fitness opportunities – but it’s hard to exercise your right to choose where to workout or get a nutritious meal considering all the “healthy competition”…

Upscale or Down & Dirty? With so many gyms and other fitness choices around town, figuring out where to go may boil down to deciding whether you want to be pampered by spa attendants handing you towels; tortured by no-mercy military trainers; knocked out by a boxing coach; or kicked in the teeth by a karate master in cahoots with an Aventura dentist.

Proteins or Carbs? There are a lot of competing bagel places to choose from – so here’s how you can decide where to go on Sundays. Research which one serves the best smoked salmon – since eating more proteins with Omega 3s and cutting back on carbs can help you look more like a carrot stick – and less like a bagel!

Walk or Run? Before going to any of the many competing stores selling athletic shoes, make sure you wait at least one hour after your pedicure – then run, don’t walk to the store with the smartest buyer who gets that it makes no sense to stock so many of the smallest and largest sizes and never enough of the most common ones.

Go – or not Go Organic? Regular supermarkets, gourmet markets, organic markets… where is shopping really a pleasure? Anyplace where you can still afford to fill your cart with healthy food – after you’ve used virtually all of your paycheck on gas!

Here or There? All around the world, there are economic development agencies, tourism and marketing councils competing to attract residents and visitors. But when it comes to choosing the ideal place to live, work and play, consider this: Only Aventura has the famous circle and one of the best kept secrets: A fitness center at the Community Recreation Center where you never have to compete with too many other members to get on your favorite machine!

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