‘Know-vember Reminders’

By Bari Auerbach….
Whether you live in Aventura or you’re just visiting, here are some “Know-vember” reminders you should know about in order to derive maximum enjoyment from all the city’s great services and amenities…

*Knowing not to tune into easy listening radio stations when stuck in traffic during holiday time is of upmost importance in order not to fall asleep behind the wheel! You may want to consider buying some new high-energy CDs you can turn up really loud when you’re waiting for one of those really long red lights to turn green for a second. .

*Knowing you’ll keep getting lots of 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond; knowing Aventura has Miami-Dade’s lowest property tax rate; and knowing all the loose change you put into the Publix coin counter may add up to a small fortune could make you decide to spend all the money you’re saving on a new phone – unless someone couldn’t pay you enough to wait on line for hours to get the newest model.

*Knowing the Aventura Mall offers free Wi-Fi service means now your Facebook status can always say, “I’m maxing out my credit card!” – making everyone afraid you might ask for a loan delete you from their friends list!

*Knowing you don’t have to cook for Thanksgiving and you can order a complete takeout feast from Mo’s is really something to be thankful for!

*Knowing Aventura commissioners feel residents should get lower car insurance rates because of red-light cameras should make you feel better if you get a citation in the mail! *Knowing the Aventura City of Excellence School has earned the state’s “high performing” designation might make you wonder if you’re smarter than a fifth grader. *Knowing Aventura’s annual Founders Day event is Nov. 6 at Founders Park is cause to celebrate! This year’s theme is “Aventuira’s Backyard” – very apropos since in the City of Excellence, the grass is always greener!

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