‘Latest & Greatest’

Just when you thought you had the latest gizmo or gadget, they come out with an upgrade! It’s hard to keep up with innovations and revelations like these:

High Speed Access: Just when you were getting used to the traffic on Ives Dairy leading to Biscayne, another right turn lane was added…Now all you have to do is get used to waiting a little longer to go north.

My-Pad: Just when you though skyping on your i-Pad was the greatest way to communicate, you realize it’s even cooler to have real face time with your significant other in the pad you share.

Why-Fi? Just when you were wondering why the Aventura Mall would offer free Wi-Fi, you find out the great new marketing strategy is getting everyone who’s not in a store to shop on-line.

High-Def: Just when you thought your new TV was picture perfect, you take a look at all the lush landscaping, golf course greenery and sparkling waterways around town and realize Aventura high-rises “def” have the most spectacular views!

Face-lift Book: Just when you thought you had the latest, greatest injectables, you find out there’s a new one that can make you look as young as your kids – only problem is you won’t be able to go to the mall anymore during curfew hours for minors.

Thin is In: Just when you thought there was no way you could keep your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, diet centers in Aventura are contemplating a winning incentive: “Lose at least 10 pounds and we’ll give you the thinnest new computer or phone!”

Bagel Blog: Just when you thought the bagel market was cornered, you read a blog about a new bagel place that just opened  – proving Aventura doesn’t have Mo-nopolies and free enterprise really Works!

4G Redefined: Just when you thought 4G was as good as it gets, Aventura redefined 4G to stand for the city that’s “Gorgeous, Glamorous, Gifted and the Greatest!”

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