‘Lots to be Thankful For’

by Bari Auerbach….

Bari Auerbach

During Thanksgiving, everyone thinks about eating turkey and watching football – but what about reflecting upon the plethora of things city residents are thankful for? Here are just some of the assets enticing people from all over the world to make a “pilgrimage” to Aventura:

Thanks for Low Taxes:
Aventura’s property tax rate is still the lowest in Miami- Dade County – So what will you do with the money you save? Maybe give it right back to the Aventura Mall or whatever restaurant caters Thanksgiving so you don’t have to cook!

Thanks for the Great School:
Parents and kids are still celebrating the A grades earned by the Aventura City of Excellence School….Rumor has it, a “customized” curriculum may soon be introduced featuring classes like “Tanning 101”; “Condo Board Meeting Etiquette”; and a class that should be mandatory for such a diverse community: “International Relations.”

Thanks for Traffic Safety:
The city is always stepping up efforts to keep streets safe – but ever wonder if it would just be easier to make it mandatory for every citizen to ride the city’s shuttle bus. This could result in a lot less traffic and instead of paying for expensive gas, you could buy an even bigger turkey – or better yet – have your feast gourmet catered!

Thanks for All the Fun:
Concerts, movie nights, trips, sports programs and special holiday events are always being planned by the city’s Community Services Department that has inadvertently tapped into the secret to world peace: Events like Founders Day promoting unity with an unbeatable weapon: Free food!

Thanks for ‘16 Years of Excellence’:
Overall, residents agree they enjoy life in Aventura – renowned as “The City of Excellence.” So when you’re stuffed from all the turkey and it’s the fourth quarter, just look outside your window and join in reciting this apropos mantra: Every day is Thanksgiving Day in Aventura!

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