‘Marvelous mirror image’ body plan

When you look in the mirror, wouldn’t it be great to see your best body ever? It’s possible – even If you’re in a dressing room trying on bathing suits. Once you start following a smart diet plan and effective exercise regimen, your reflection will show “marvelous mirror image” results!

Want to see pounds melt away? You can put in hours of sweat equity exercising, but if your diet plan isn’t efficient, you may never get to see that “marvelous mirror image.” Just a few simple rules can help you start revving your metabolism and shedding pounds without having to starve or feel so deprived you wind up binging.

* Eat frequently: Have at least three meals and three snacks per day and plan on eating every three to four hours. Each meal should be comprised of a lean protein (egg whites, chicken or turkey breast, fish); and a low-glycemic carb (oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato). You can also add in green leafy vegetables and healthy fats like flaxseed oil and avocado slices. Great “marvelous mirror image” snack ideas include protein shakes, berries, raw almond butter, whole grain crackers, low fat yogurt and energy bars (choose ones with less than 4g sugar – otherwise you might as well have a candy bar!)

Want to see a smaller waist? If you’ve been doing any kind of exercises requiring twisting motions or if you do side-bends holding weights, STOP immediately! Muscular development triggered by these type of movements can actually make your waist look wider. To attain a “marvelous mirror image” v-taper, focus more on training your shoulders with overhead presses and lateral raises; and train your back with lat pull-downs and rows.

Want to see firmer arms? No amount of cardio is going to firm up anything flabby or saggy! The only way to get “marvelous mirror image” arms is to pick up weights… and they don’t have to be heavy. Once you start doing bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, kickbacks or dips, you’ll start gaining muscular definition – as long as you’re losing body fat by following the frequent healthy eating diet plan.

Want to see rounder glutes? The Brazilian butt doctors may not want to hear this – but yours really can defy gravity without the need for surgical procedures! Squats, lunges, deadlifts…if these are foreign words to you, then it may be helpful to recruit a personal trainer who can show you some of the most effective exercises for raising and praising “marvelous mirror image” glutes.

Want to see tight abs? Even thousands of crunches won’t make you beach body ready if you’re not losing body fat. To see “marvelous mirror image” abs, you simply must be eating right. Beyond exercises directly targeting abs, just the way you’re breathing can help tighten your core. Before commencing any weight training exercise repetition, breathe in deeply – then while lifting the weight, exhale while simultaneously performing the “tummy vacuum” (think about how it feels to suck in your stomach when you’re trying to zip up a pair of really tight jeans).

Fairest of them all: “Mirror Mirror”…why take it off the wall? Now that you know the secrets to achieving a “marvelous mirror image,” it won’t be long before your reflection reveals just what you want to see!

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