‘Need a Lift’‘Need a Lift’

If you’ve been running, aerobicising or spinning your wheels doing endless hours of cardio – but still can’t seem to firm up – before you get totally exasberated with exercising, here’s some very “uplifting” news: Fitness plans that incorporate weight training can help everyone get toned, tighter, stronger and live longer!

Men and women who routinely lift weights can reduce body fat, build muscle mass, strengthen bones, improve endurance for daily lifestyle activities and reduce their risk for heart disease.

Fat Loss Benefits
The average person who incorporates weight training into their fitness plan at least two times a week can gain almost two pounds of muscle and lose 3.5 pounds of fat within two months. Beyond boosting confidence, weight training can also boost your metabolic rate, making it possible to burn more calories throughout the day – even when resting.

Strength Benefits Enhanced strength and endurance gained from weight training can make daily lifestyle activities easier and less tiring. The International Osteoporosis Foundation also emphasizes that people who engage in resistance training can build and maintain bone density, slow down the process that leads to osteoporosis and improve balance, strength and agility, thus preventing falls that can lead to fractures.

‘Personalized’ Training
Many women are hesitant to start weight training programs because they’re afraid of becoming too bulky – but according to The American College of Sports Medicine, women’s estrogen levels prevent this from happening.

A very common mistake women often make is going to the gym and working out with their husband or boyfriend using the same workout program as they do. Many women then get frustrated and upset when they don’t see the results they want – when all along, their program only needed to be modified to suit their unique needs. While a man might want to gain some muscle and size, a woman may want to lose weight and gain definition.

Given that men and women are different both physically and mentally, it would make sense that it would be optimal for them to not to train according to the same philosophies and principles.

What Are You ‘Weighting’
If you already belong to a gym – but only take classes or use the cardio machines, make that “firm” decision to try venturing into the weight room. If you feel intimidated by all the machines, most gyms offer at least one complimentary consultation with a personal trainer who can help you get started. If a gym membership isn’t in your budget or you don’t have the time to go, you can easily pick up some free weights and bands at a store like Sports Authority and “read all about” the most effective ways to train at home online or in popular fitness magazines like Oxygen, FitnessRX, Shape, Women’s Health and Men’s Health.

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