‘What’s in a Name’

By Bari Auerbach….

Bari Auerbach

Around town you’ll see a lot of places that have such long names, they use abbreviations – but are you sure you really know what the acronyms stand for?

You may have thought this is an acronym for Designer Shoe Warehouse – but a lot of ladies who have lost count of how many shoes are in their closet would admit DSW could really stand for Diehard Shopaholic Warehouse.

At the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center, the curtain is going up on a “sizzling” new season featuring great entertainment for all ages – but considering the inaugural 2010 season actually achieved anticipated revenues while keeping expenses under-budget, AACC could stand for Appreciation & Applause for Cost Conservation.

The Aventura Marketing Council has hundreds of members who agree AMC could stand for Amazing Marketing Champion when it comes to building business and community ties.

At Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, everyone is always welcome to explore the benefits of membership as ATJC could stand for A Temple Joining the Community.

The Aventura City of Excellence School always gets an “A” grade thanks to great teachers giving new definition to ACES…Advanced, College-bound, Exceedingly Smart Students.

Aventura has multiple financial institutions with abbreviated names, but now that it’s football season, the only thing Dolphins fans want to bank on TD standing for is Touch Down!

While driving, all cell phone users should make sure AT&T stands for Avoid Texting & Talking. hhgregg: If you’ve seen ads on TV for the new hhgregg store in Aventura, by now you probably know the “hh” could stand for Hospitable Help.

The Country’s Best City – Aventura – now has yogurt shops that are arguably the country’s best…Tutti Frutti and Pinkberry – two new names highlighting the sweet life residents enjoy!

“This world owes all its forward impulses to people ill at ease.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hawthorne must have been talking about forward-thinking citizens dissatisfied with service from the county who helped make it possible for Aventura to achieve one of the most talked about achievements: Becoming a city in November 1995.

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