‘What’s New in Town’

By Bari Auerbach….


Bari Auerbach

There are some new sites around town that will make most people even happier to call Aventura home…

New Luxury:
The largest Louis Vuitton store in the western hemisphere is opening at our very own Aventura Mall…wonder if the mall will have to expand again just to make room for all those designer hand bags leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches and fashion jewelry!

New Intelligence:
The new hhgregg store recently opened in Aventura with an ad campaign emphasizing “price, advice and smarter associates.” So does that mean beyond getting a bargain on electronics and appliances, you can also get help with your love life and your kids’ homework?? .

New Body:
Nutriway, the European Protein Weight-Loss System, now has a center open in Aventura’s Promenade Shops. Considering over 200 million Americans are overweight or obese – and obesity-related diseases are a $147 billion dollar medical burden every year, let’s hope Nutriway starts making doctors’ offices in Aventura a lot less crowded so we won’t have to wait so long!

New Clothes:
The new Nordstrom Rack is making a lot of bargain shoppers happy because now they can spend all the money they saved at the regular Nordtstrom!

New Treat:
There’s a new Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt shop open next to the Starbucks on 191st Street – so now if caffeine isn’t enough to get you through the day, you can get a sugar rush too!

New Construction:
Since it’s summer time, you may notice some new road construction projects around town – but even if it delays you a few minutes, just be happy the city didn’t plan the work for the height of the season when you can bet thousands of new people will be coming to visit and snowbirds will be flocking back to see all the new attractions!

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