A unique and elegant experience for the ones you love

A unique and elegant experience for the ones you loveNurtured from the love and thoughtfulness that is shared in this world, one local, family- owned business wanted to create a unique and extravagant experience. They wanted to perfect an alternative to traditional flowers. With this mission at the heart of their brand, The Royal Roses company was born.

Flowers are a symbol of joy, typically offered as an unexpected gift, regardless of occasion. The limitation of this gift is it takes meticulous care to keep them living. Regardless of the just-right amount of sunlight and the careful mix of nourishment and water, shortly after sharing this gift with someone you love, the flowers fade, petals fall, and they die.

Now, imagine the beauty and aroma of a fresh rose that is perfectly preserved. It requires no water. No sunlight. It simply rests in its beautiful crafted container to be admired for over a year. An immaculate gift that represents a pure, enduring and effortless love for that person in your life you care the most about.

This is the experience The Royal Roses has created. With no storefront expenses, they can focus on the uncompromising detail and unyielding quality of their products. Within 50 miles of Miami, they also offer white glove, same-day, hand delivery for an experience that will never be forgotten. For Valentine’s Day or any upcoming occasion, this can be a wonderful alternative to traditional flowers.

For more information, visit theroyalroses.com

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