Atlantic|Pacific Management explains the competitive bidding process

Marc C. Mallét, MBA, LCAM, Dir. of Field Operations

Atlantic |Pacific Management (APM), one of South Florida’s premiere and dynamic property management companies continues to ensure its team of highly motivated managers is kept abreast of the latest industry operational trends to provide optimum and productive levels of expertise and service to its clients.

For many Community Association Board Members, the competitive bids process with its detailed specifications for completion of large projects can be daunting; especially with budget constraints. APM property managers evaluate many project factors and are equipped to facilitate the bidding process. The objective is to have a transparent and cost effective bid selection process with a clearly defined scope of work.

State law requires competitive bidding for condominium projects that exceed 5% of the annual budget (including reserves). HOA requirements are the same, except the threshold is 10%. State law does not mandate the Board accepts the lowest bid or the number of bids required for review.

APM managers understand the importance of harnessing the expertise and skill of industry professionals when required for significant construction or repair projects as the scope of work may be highly complex and technical. Items for consideration are government requirements, project expenditure, scope of work, project completion time, and licenses, insurance and warranties.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) for small projects could be a simple letter. More complex jobs with extensive specifications require clearly defined details on the RFP, site meetings and a bids receipt deadline, etc. Bids evaluation process requires verification bids conform to the scope of work, checking references for work success and complaints, comparison specifications spreadsheet, projected completion time and price, written recommendation of the successful bidder for final decision and Negotiation and preparation of contract.

Marc C. Mallét, MBA, LCAM, is the Director of Field Operations for Atlantic| Pacific Management where he is responsible for further developing operational business strategies, standards and systems throughout the A|P portfolio of condominium properties. Mr. Mallét can be reached at 305-438-7350 or For more information about how to select the right property management company and managers, call 305-867-2245 or visit

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