Aventura ‘Show-Stoppers’

Bari Auerbach

If there was an Aventura TV network, shows like these could be the biggest hits:

Modern Family: Since incorporating in 1995, Aventura has become a much younger community – and now, early morning feedings are even more prevalent than early bird specials!

The View: Even Barbara Walters would agree Aventura has some of the most beautiful golf course and water views – and your neighbors with telescopes might think their view is really awesome too – if you don’t remember to close your blinds!

Deco Drive: This show really should consider changing its name to “Country Club Drive.” Since there’s always so much action around the Aventura circle, there could be segments on hot topics like trendy fitness fashion, the latest high-tech jogging baby strollers and controversial right-of-way feuds – between bike riders and motorists.

The Bachelor: Throw in Two and a Half Men and all of the city’s single ladies would tune in – unless they opt to retain the Millionaire Matchmaker…Rumor has it she’s thinking about moving to Aventura to find her own perfect match!

Mad Men: No need to record this show when you can just drive over to Aventura Mall and watch grown men fighting over parking spaces in a mad rush to buy their wives and girlfriends great gifts “just because”…Of course this is all only a dream!

Grey’s Anatomy: All the beautiful people around town have started a ratings war between cosmetic surgeons and gyms competing for taking all the credit. But in keeping with the viewer voting trend, it will be up to you to decide what’s real – or surreal.

Revenge: Living well is the best sweet Revenge in Aventura – where the most devious deception is gourmet frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti that’s so good – you’ll think it’s really ice cream!

Once Upon a Time: Fairytales can come true – if you’re lucky enough to live in Aventura – a Smash hit, American Idol city where it’s no mystery that everyone’s home is a Castle!

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