Avoiding the Holiday Bulge

By Michelle Ishakov….
Fall is the start to many yearly celebrations, holidays, and other fall festivities.  With all the yummy, hearty food and drinks going around, one can pack on the pounds in just a few servings!  Not to mention with cooler weather comes less workouts, meaning even more weight gain.  From candies, chocolates, fall beverages, and heart holiday meals, it is no wonder many of us make losing weight our new year’s resolution!  Here are a few tips for keeping your figure during this wonderful time of year!

When it comes to drinks, try to have drinks that are not mixed with extra sugars.  Stick to wine, tequila, vodka, or whiskey.  If having a mixed drink, pair it with diet soda.  Try to eliminate fruity, sugary drinks that contain a lot of calories.

On the nights you want to drink, try to eat less carbs that day so that you can use your carbs towards your drinks.  If you are at a dinner and about to order food, stick to vegetables and proteins (such as fish or meat). No carbs, which means no sugars (dessert), pasta, rice, or potatoes.

If there is a buffet at a dinner party and you don’t know what foods to choose or what foods to combine, opt for 1 to 2 types of protein.  For example, eat a piece of fish and/or meat plus salad.  Choose a green salad over salads that contain corn, beans, and pasta.  If you feel like having beans for example, you can have beans and rice (1/2 a cup each) plus vegetables; but do NOT have meat, beans, rice, vegetables, fruit, dessert, etc.  This is a big no-no.  Not only will you gain weight, but you will feel bloated and uncomfortable the next day.  Remember, it’s all about proper food combinations!

A tip I highly recommend is having a protein snack before you leave the house to avoid arriving to dinner hungry. Hunger leads to poor food decisions!

Try not to eat a late dinner as we burn less calories at night (and are less active).  If you are feeling hungry late at night, go for a protein snack that doesn’t contain lots of sugars (5 grams max per serving).

With every alcoholic drink you have, have a glass of water.  Alcohol dehydrates you. Drinking water will also keep you fuller and you will not feel hung over the next day.

Finally, if you feel that you “over did it” the night before or couldn’t hold back on savoring all the yummy foods at dinner, make sure to watch what you eat the following day. Have a healthy day by having proteins and vegetables.

To avoid that holiday bulge and receive helpful recommendations for the fall season, please come visit me at Nutriway at the Promenade Shops in Aventura. I can also be reached at 305-438-7775 or mishakov@mynutriway.com.  See you soon!

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