Celebrate ‘Happy Birthday Planning’ with Wells Fargo Advisors

Alan W. Chais, Vice President-Investments; Michael A. Shear, Managing Director-Investments; Scott D. Shear, Assistant Vice President-Investments

How old are you now? Today “80 and older” is the fastest growing segment of the total population as Americans are enjoying more happy birthdays and the greatest gift of all – longevity. Dramatic growth in life expectancies and energetic lifestyles are now enabling us to live 20-25% of our lives in active retirement – so vitality alone makes it vital to develop long-term financial solutions to plan for many, many more happy birthdays as well as inevitable inflation.

Wells Fargo Advisors understands that while surprises can be lots of fun when it comes to birthday bashes – no one wants to encounter the unpleasant surprise of finding out they’re outlasting savings that won’t last long enough to support longer retirement years.

To help minimize “longevity risk” as well as inflation, which significantly erodes purchasing power over time, Wells Fargo Advisors helps clients of all ages embark on “Happy Birthday Planning” with the unique Envision® Process, Likened to a retirement roadmap, the Envision Process begins by identifying realistic life goals, setting priorities and considering a range of options that can be tied into customized investment portfolios.

One of the most effective, personalized elements of the Envision Process monitors progress towards your individual goals, rather than against an index. The Envision Process also enables you to “try on” new goals or see how life changes may affect the ability to reach objectives.

With the Envision process, Wells Fargo Advisors can help you live the one life you have the best way you can without undue financial sacrifice or over exposure to risk.

If issues such as maintaining your lifestyle, longevity risk and inflation concern you, phone 305-933-6422 to contact Wells Fargo Advisors in Aventura and schedule a no obligation, one-on-one lunch meeting – whether it’s your birthday or not! Michael A. Shear, Managing Director- Investments; Alan W. Chais, Vice President- Investments; Scott D. Shear, First Vice President- Investments; 19950 West Country Club Drive, Suite 700.

Investments in securities and insurance products are NOT FDIC-INSURED/MAY LOSE VALUE. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SPIC is a registered brokerdealer and a separate Non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company, © 2012 Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. All rights reserved. Envision® is a registered service mark of Wells Fargo and Company and used under license

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