Courage in your Core

By Patricia Frank….

Patricia Frank

The original notion of the word courage means, “To stand by one’s core.” The core is the central part of something or someone. Your core is your essence. It is your fundamental nature. It contains the seeds of your being and the seeds of your greatness. It is the most important part of you.  It is at the heart of everything.

Courage is an innate characteristic. Everyone possesses it to some degree. It is the ability to disregard fear.  Fear that is caused by the perception of danger.  It is the ability to overcome the distress, trepidation and panic caused by the expectation that some horrific, atrocious and terrible event may occur.

There are two aspects to courage. One aspect is the well-known and awe- inspiring heroic courage. This showcases the brave and valiant individuals who rise to the occasion without hesitation. Heroic courage is an instinct and an automatic reaction and response. It is bold, intrepid and dauntless. It is something you have in your core. Often you are not aware of it until after you use it and act on it.

The other aspect is the everyday courage that is part of your everyday life. If you want to decrease your anxiety and you want to increase your courage you can repeat a phrase similar to this one at least twice a day. “I face all of my situations and problems with great courage and solve them easily.” You can also create a mental image of a situation and then visualize yourself acting in a brave manner.

Rehearse it in your mind. Establish a new pattern in your daily routine and face any issues first thing in the morning. Push yourself to be more daring. Show some spunk and a bit of moxie no matter how daunting the situation. Act without fear.  Believe you are brave. You can prevail. You can be a gallant individual. It is already in your core just waiting to be activated.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, 212-308-0309.

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