Crossroads Investigations: Proving ‘Knowledge is Power’ with Due Diligence

Crossroads Investigations: Proving ‘Knowledge is Power’ with Due Diligence

Marc Hurwitz

If you’re about to embark on a new business venture or you’re involved in litigation, what you do know can’t hurt you! Proving knowledge is power, Crossroads Investigations can help you find out everything and anything about a subject or business through an extensive Due Diligence process – before a transaction is completed. “This can result in financial risk mitigation and more informed decision-making,” explains Crossroads’ founder Marc Hurwitz.

After serving as a Central Intelligence Agency officer for many years, Hurwitz launched Crossroads Investigations – specializing in highly effective services encompassing due diligence, asset searches, background checks, surveillance and skip traces that can find people who may not want to be found.

“Crossroads is able to ‘dig up details’ utilizing state-of-the-art investigative technology,” Hurwitz says. “We also have the unique ability to access restricted databases uncovering hard-to-find information as a direct result of years of intelligence work at the highest levels.”

Crossroads’ “knowledge is power” success stories include a client who avoided losing money on a major business deal with another company when Crossroads reviewed SEC documents revealing high-risk pitfalls. Another client concerned about a stalled merger hired Crossroads to look into the other entity and was able to find out about a litany of litigation initiated against former business partners. Other clients were quite appreciative when Crossroads was able to ascertain that potential new partners and current associates had hidden issues ranging from major tax liens, foreclosures, fraud and theft – to drug problems.

There’s no reason to delay conducting Due Diligence and potentially risk your fortune when priceless peace of mind can easily be provided by Crossroads Investigations – helping you “cross that road – before you come to it!”

To learn more about harnessing the expertise of investigative professionals formerly with the CIA, White House National Security Council, and the the U.S. Department of State, contact Crossroads Investigations, fully licensed and insured. Phone: 305-929-3513 or visit

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