Decorus Realty is ‘redefining’ luxurious real estate

While you’re relaxing in an opulent office across from magnificent oceanfront residences gracing Sunny Isles Beach, virtually every service relating to a residential or commercial real estate transaction can be attended to – almost before you finish your cappuccino! This ideal scenario is no longer just wishful thinking thanks to Decorus Realty: “Redefining luxurious real estate.”

Buyers, sellers and investors from around the nation and the world appreciate Decorus Realty for uniting a full array of services ranging from luxury real estate, commercial investments, asset and property management – to mortgage, financial, legal, interior design and even concierge services.

They also help clients benefit from the full array of Decorus services ranging from luxury real estate, commercial investments, asset and property management and interior design expertise – to in-house, independent mortgage, financial, legal, and even concierge services.”

Powerhouse real estate brokers David Koster and Gabriel Markovich founded Decorus and now work with 100 top producing agents with the mission to share their team’s vast knowledge and expertise with discerning clients, including developers seeking sales and marketing solutions.

As luxurious new developments continue to rise in Sunny Isles Beach, the impressive Decorus office, located at 16850 Collins Avenue, is perfectly positioned for continued success According to a recent article in the Herald’s Business section, “Sunny Isles Beach is emerging as the epicenter of the region’s next vertical real estate cycle. Given the amount of activity, the city is sure to be a focal point for buyers, sellers, lenders, developers and industry watchers trying to gauge South Florida’s newest condo boom.”

Attributing booming business at Decorus to a unique plan to offer comprehensive real estate services, Managing Partner David Koster explains, “We recognized this area needed an office specifically catering to the luxury real estate market with a highly personalized touch. Beyond specializing in general real estate, we formed a large commercial division and initiated plans to launch our real estate fund to serve thegrowing real estate investor community.”

To discover how Decorus is truly “redefining luxurious real estate,” visit their million dollar Steven G. designed office where associates speaking ten different languages always extend a warm welcome – and hot cups of cappuccino (iced if you prefer).

For more information, phone: 305- 944-8181 or visit

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