Dr. Robert Donoway: Saving lives with early breast cancer detection

By Bari Auerbach….

Dr. Robert Donoway

Renowned surgical oncologist Dr. Robert Donoway has been a surgeon at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center for over 20 years and recently received a South Florida Health Award for the use of microendoscopy for the detection of early stage breast cancer.

“I became involved in micro-endoscopy as a result of having almost every family member of mine within the last two generations to have both developed as well as died of the complications of breast cancer and many associated cancers,” Dr. Donoway said.

The innovative micro-endoscopy technique involves placing a small half-millimeter fiber optic endoscope into the breast duct and threading the tiny scope through the ductal system as far as the chest wall. Then with an almost microscopic brush, a biopsy of any suspicious areas can be taken.

“We can actually find a lesion four, five and sometimes six years before it can be detected with other techniques including Mammography and MRI,” Dr. Donoway says. “Picking up many earlier changes gives us the opportunity to find out whether or not patients are likely to develop an invasive carcinoma…This is an especially critical component in the evaluation of someone with a family history of breast cancer.”

Dr. Donoway, who serves as Medical Director of the Institute for Breast Cancer Prevention, routinely speaks to prominent international organizations about the importance of micro-endoscopy and early breast cancer detection. According to the American Cancer Society, the five year-survival rate is 98 percent for breast cancer that is diagnosed in the earliest stages.

Beyond being the region’s only surgical oncologist performing the micro-endoscopy technique, Dr. Donoway’s medical achievements include being the first surgeon in Florida to perform radio-guided sentinel lymph node mapping in breast cancer, liver cryo-surgery, radio-frequency ablation and laparoscopic liver resection and minimally invasive parathyroid surgery.

Sharing the personal care philosophy of his practice, Dr. Donoway emphasizes, “A highly individualized approach is the optimal way to provide cancer treatment as well as long-term follow up care giving patients the greatest degree of assurance that their disease has been managed appropriately and in the most state-of-the-art fashion.”

Dr. Donoway’s practice specializes in Cancers of the Breast, Pancreas, Liver, GI Tract, Melenoma, Sarcoma, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Cancer Prevention/Risk Assessment, Surgical Oncology, Breast Surgical Oncology, Endocrine and Laparoscopic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Image Guided Tumor Surgery and Genetic Cancer Counseling.

For more information or to schedule a consultation at Dr. Robert Donoway’s office on the campus of Aventura Hospital or at his offices in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, phone: 305-682-4993; 954-986-6366 or visit thedonowaycenter.com.

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